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Our Indonesia Honeynet Project Members:

Charles Lim – Chapter Lead, Honeypot Deployment
IGN Mantra – Early Warning System, Research
Tita Latifah – Malware Analyst, Research
Dwi Ade Handayani Capah – Malware Analyst, Research
Amien Harisen Rosyandino – Honeypot Deployment, Research
Hadi Syahrial – Honeypot Deployment, Research
Mustafa – Honeypot Deployment, Research
Lukas – Honeypot Deployment, Research
Erwin Adi – Honeynet Deployment, Research
Stewart – Honeypot Deployment, Developer
Ammar Fuad – Honeypot Deployment, Developer

Updated 19 January 2012

Membership Info

If you are interested to join the chapter, please read the kindly read and agree the honeynet law before you join our chapter.  If you agree and would like to join, you can join the mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/id-honeynet.