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About Us

Our History

In 2009, Swiss German University (SGU) lecturer was exposed to Honeypot through the OIC-CERT event.

In 2010, several SGU IT students began to explore the possibility to research Malware behavior using Data Mining techniques.  These students started to build Malware lab for the experimental purpose.  The goal is to use this lab to perform Malware Analysis.  Since these students are new to the Malware Research, SGU IT faculty conducted an event and invited Pak Aat Shadewa to teach and help us on malware static analysis techniques.  Malware samples were obtained from honeypot setup in our environment.  The first publication based on the research is released through International Conference ACT 2010.

In 2011, several SGU students were invited to speak at the second Academy CSIRT, held in ITS Surabaya (slides are available here), regarding Malware Lab Setup.  SGU team also presented Capturing Automatic Spreading Malware at SecureAsia 2011.

The Malware research in SGU attracted UNISSULA to visit SGU and learn how to setup Malware Lab and Fine Tuning Dionaea installation.  This visit set the stage where several universities were invited to attend the workshop on the above topics.

Establishment of Indonesia Chapter of Honeynet

On the 25th November 2011,  Academicians, Security Professionals, Malware Expert gather together, in Swiss German University, jointly declared the establishment of Indonesia Chapter of Honeynet (now named Indonesia Honeynet Project).  People who are attending the gathering can be viewed here.


Develop the center of excellence for Malware research locally as well as global malware research.


Establish research collaboration with other higher education institutions and industry to understand better how Malware behave and contribute to information security communities our research findings.